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Links 5e année, complet reproductible

Par : Sandra Skaf

ISBN : 978-2-89661-260-4

Description :

Links -the collection of English as a second language workbook is designed with a variety of exercises that allow students to develop their writing, reading, listening, comprehension and speaking skills. The grade 5 workbook consists of many exercises that complement the grammar topics covered during the year. Example of these exercises are multiple choice, fill in the blanks, verb conjugation, recognition of vocabulary words and grammar, writing productions, reading comprehension, presentations and so on. This workbook was created while making sure that the learning experience was effective, productive and most importantly fun; children learn, retain and execute better when they are in a comfortable and pleasant environment.

Matière :
Anglais, langue seconde

Niveau :

Degré :
1re année du 3e cycle du primaire

Éditeur :
Éditions Marie-France

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